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Fred Spiksley: Judge for yourselves

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-07-27 05:09:42

Data providers: Isaque Argolo.
Judge for yourselves
Fred Spiksley | 06/01/1930

T. E. Williams, Erdington, asks "old-timers" how the following present-day team would fare gainst old favourites: Thomson (Celtic); Cresswell (Everton), Mort (Aston Villa); Edwards (Leeds United), Griffiths (Everton), Gibson (Aston Villa); Jackson (Huddersfield Town), Hine (Leicester City), Gallacher (Newcastle United), James (Arsenal), and Cook (Portsmouth).
I will give him three teams, with reserves, of different decades, and leave " old-timers" to answer. I have not drawn on the many good Scottish players other than those who were connected with English clubs: 1887 Trainer (Preston North End); Nick Ross (Preston North End), Dan Doyle (Everton); Jimmy Forrest (Blackburn Rovers), Dave Russell (Preston North End), N. C. Bailey (Corinthians); Jack Gordon (Preston North End), Jimmy Ross (Preston North End), John Southworth (Blackburn Rovers). W. N. Cobbold (Corinthians), and Dennis Hodgetts (Aston Villa).
Hodgetts Southworth Gordon
Cobbold J. Ross
Bailey Russell Forrest
Doyle N. Ross
Reserves: John Goodall (Preston North End), Tinsley Lindley (Nottingham Forest), John Holt (Everton), and Donald Gow (Sunderland) 1897 Foulke (Sheffield United); M'Combie (Sunderland), Crabtree (Aston Villa); Frank Forman (Nottingham Forest), Alec Raisbeck (Liverpool), Needham (Sheffield United); Bassett (Weet Bromwich Albion), Bloomer (Derby County), Bob M'Coll (Newcastle United). Fred Wheldon (Aston Villa), and Bob Templeton (Aston Villa).
Templeton M'Coll Bassett
Wheldon Bloomer
Needham Raisbeck Forman
Crabtree M'Combie
Reserves: G. O. Smith (Corinthians), J. T. Robertson (Everton), Tom Crawshaw (Shefield Wednesday), and Howard Spencer (Aston Villa). 1907 Hardy (Aston Villa); Crompton (Blackburn Rovers), Pennington (West Bromwich Albion); Andy Aitken (Newcastle United), Charles Roberts (ManChester United), P. M'William (Newcastle United); Meredith (Manchester City), Fleming (Swindon), V. Woodward (Tottenham Hotspur), Grenville Morris (Nottingham Forest), and George Wall (Manchester United).
G. Wall Woodward Meredith
Morris Fleming
P. M'William Roberts Aitken
Pennington Crompton
Reserves: Andrew Wilson (Sheffield Wednesday), Wedlock (Bristol City), Joe Bache (Aston Villa), and Ben Warren (Derby County and Chelsea).
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