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Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-08-10 02:06:12

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At the beggining of 2017, I, Isaque Argolo, when I was 17 years-old, had an idea of creating an archive which would gather a considering amount of data regarding goal-scorers. Thus, a private foulder with historical information and detailed to-the-bone data was created. I remember going back from school and working to add new stuff to this folder. This closest memory that comes is the one when I was working on Best goalscorers in a single year. Today, the project is current at — due to the quality of Wikipedia, the page suffered tremendous changes by unknown users, thus it does not represent the data of the original project. "HI, WELCOME TO MY ARCHIVE!"
The foulder was increasing because of the amount of data. I saw websites with interesting content, but I was looking for uploading into something that I owned. Before May I thought of learning Web Development to start something from scratch. On 23/07/2017 ARFTS(Archive. Football. Top. Scorers) was created as a result. At first impressions, the home page did not look that much aesthetic to me, but what really mattered was the content which I uploaded. As the time passed, some people, Davide Basile, for example, joined the project and helped with even more content. Player seasons such as Josef Bican 1943/44 were released alongside lists of goal-scorers and many other things. Indeed, the website was taking a bigger shape.
However, I was not much interested in numbers of only goal-scorers. I wanted something with texts, detailed information regarding other characteristics of the sport. Thus, I though of creating a parallel website to ARFTS. THE RISE OF ARFSH.
A new website directly seeking general information was created. On 13/12/2018 ARFSH(Archive. Football. Statistic & History) was founded. The main goal was to collect all the information that were not related to numbers and goal-scorers. However, things turned to be difficult to maintain two websites and keep updating them frequently. Therefore, I decided to combine both websites into one. Today, ARFSH publishes every unique content related to football and its history. ARTICLES
Currently, ARFSH has to different types of articles: public & private.
ARFSH works as a restric encyclopedia. Each member decides whether their article is private or public, it mainly depends on the judgement of each author.
To see the content of a private article, you must acquire a key to acess the article. To get that, you must contact the author of the article.