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Feldmann: Scarone, an authentic ace

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— Gyula Feldmann | 07/07/1932 —

Scarone is truly a great player. He has kept all the repertoire shown at the Amsterdam Olympics: touch of the ball, shot, complete game. If Scarone were to play an insider in Palermo, we could speak of age. But the Italo-Uruguayan will play centre-forward; in a place where youth has little to do with it, or at least not all that is needed.
He must be seen, Scarone. He is a great player and in Italy we have very few elements comparable to him.
Nothing extraordinary that Scarone did not play much in Milan; we must take into account the psychology of the Milanese fans, who see — and rightly — in Meazza a great player and an idol.
But those times that Scarone has replaced Il Balilla, no one has regretted the absence and the game of the Ambrosiana has lost nothing. And the team won equally. Certainly it could not be expected that a player like Scarone could equally acclimatise to serve or to be served, as the different roles of insider and center want.
Scarone — I tell you — is a great centre-forward!
On the other hand, Scarone comes to Palermo because he finds a club where he can demonstrate his great gifts and from which he can have great satisfaction. It's a kind of checking account. He gives to receive while in other parts he would surely have given, but as for receiving...