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Diagonal was a defensive tactic based on the WM-formation. This formation was very common in Brazil during the 40s & most part of the 50s. The Diagonal, moreover, was also used in other teams, such as SK Rapid Wien, for instance.
During the Hexagonal Internacional Nocturno 1941, Flamengo & Fluminense were invited to face some strong opponent's from Argentina. Flamengo's first match was against San Lorenzo, which resulted in a 7:0 disaster. On Fluminense's side, the Champions of Rio de Janeiro, faced Independiente; it resulted in another thrash: 4:1 defeat.
Already aware of the weakness of their teams, both coachs Flávio Costa, Flamengo, Ondino Viera, Fluminense, commented a few times of introducing a flexible WM-formation to their teams. The press termed it "Diagonal".
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