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Borel II.: Stories and Juventus' old players

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-10-31 01:03:45

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During the first half of the decade, Juventus truly had mesmerizing years. The period of their five consecutive Serie A titles was named Quinquennio d'oro, and their team and achievements were marked for the eternity of football. Felice Borel — Borel II. —., then centre-forward of that team, released some memories about some of those players and certain interesting events. Borel II. commented: Commented by Felice Borel
We had a practical game, the result was the basis of everything, the show came later. Let's give examples. Rosetta never took a step more than necessary, Combi trained in her own way, twenty minutes of training with four balls thrown at him that they were worth more than ten hours of work, he didn't want to joke, it had to be played for him like a match, he he was a great goalkeeper, by some better numbers than Plánička, but less complete. Caligaris was the opposite of Rosetta, enthusiastic, he ran, wasted, screamed, played, but he wasn't very brave.
Varglien I. was the perfect athlete physically but not technically. Monti was an exceptional player, very big but very mobile, but he had no progressive speed. Bertolini was idolized by the English, he was the English footballer, strong, decisive, generous.
Orsi was the biggest player I have ever met, 1.60 tall he weighed sixty kilos and no one could stop him. Monti made everything disappear, he stole everything that came within his reach, when something disappeared, he immediately went to him. Once in 1934, for a match in Paris against Red Star Racing, we enter that large hotel, there was a beautiful sailing ship on the shelf, the next day it was gone. 'Get out of the boat', the hotelier wrote to Mazzonis, or I denounce you all; or you send us four thousand francs to avoid a complaint. Monti returned the boat making a thousand faces and the case was solved. And that crazy Cesarini? Also in 1934, in Vienna, the very day Dolfuss was killed, Caligaris was very frightened after Mazzonis' speech to us that we should all be united and not open our mouths to anyone, because Mussolini had sent the troops to the Passo del Brennero. In the morning, the game with Admira was played at half past one, we saw a shop with a wonderful window, all assembled with a single tie. Good. — Cesarini — made the tie disappear. We lost 3 to 1 that game, the stadium was very crowded, never seen so many people in a stadium.