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Di Stéfano and some interesting topics

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-09-22 14:28:16

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Before leaving Europe for Chile, as a member of the Spanish national team, Di Stéfano was harassed by reporters, who wanted to know how he would face the match against the Brazilians at the World Cup, having to face Didi, his former teammate at Real Madrid. The veteran forward didn't act at all and said, smiling:
— It will be a normal football accident:
Later, when someone recalled the Brazilian player's statements against Di Stéfano, when he returned to Brazil, the Real star declared:
— At first I doubted that it was Didi who had made such statements. If he is honorable, he should put his hand to his heart and acknowledge that if he failed, it was not my fault, nor my companions. He couldn't resist the pace of Spanish football, its speed and strong style, as well as its tight marking. If Didi thinks it through, he will never be able to say that someone has treated him badly. It's a typical example of the failure of a high-class player.
Di Stéfano had the rope loose. Without any question being asked, he continued:
— As everyone knows, Didi was hired by Real Madrid as a playmaker. So I ask: where are the passes he should give me? I still wait for them today... Despite having failed, Didi, at Real, found nothing more than friendship, help and companionship.
The whole Didi situation gave rise to Di Stéfano to make another statement that was not very pleasant for Brazilian stars:
— By the way, I cannot explain the failure of some Brazilian players abroad. However, we must take into account that a star may be unlucky in a club or country and return to triumph in his homeland. Isn't that what happened to Didi?
Next, they asked Di Stéfano to make a selection with the best players he's ever seen play. The Argentine-Spanish forward didn't have to think too hard:
— A team formed by the best players I've seen so far would be made up like this: Cozzi - Sosa, Wright, N. Santos - Bozsik, Rossi - Kopa, Moreno, Erico, Puskás, Loustou.
In conclusion, Di Stéfano explained why he had chosen such names:
— Argentinean Cozzi was an excellent arquero. I've never seen anyone like him on a football field. He was agile, elegant and had an extraordinary reflex. Defender Sosa was complete, whether defending or attacking. For his part, Billy Wright was great in physique and technique. And Nilton Santos, the best compliment I can give him is to say that he even knows how to play from memory. He lives up to all that good has been said about him. Bozsik was a spectacle. Like Nestor Rossi, he was practical and spectacular. The two are the most sensational midfielders in football history. As for Kopa, Julinho and Munoz are his two main competitors, however, I prefer the French one because he has more class. Moreno, on the inside right, had no one to resemble him. He was wonderful with both feet and head. As for the centre-forward, there was only one: Erico. He far surpassed the notables Pedernera and Pontoni. In the inside left, Puskás is also unrivalled. How wonderfully he works with his left leg! Finally, I prefer Loustou to Gento because the Argentine was the best of his time, which was the golden peak of football in Buenos Aires.