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Kopa, 1958: "Nobody will beat Brazil"

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Kopa, 1958: "Nobody will beat Brazil"
Augusto Godoy | 28/06/1958

For Real Madrid's outstanding French forward, our country will certainly be the new world champion - He thought our victory was fair, but exaggerated the score.

Raymond Kopa is, without a doubt, one of the most famous football players today. As a member of the powerful Real Madrid squad, he shines intensely alongside internationally renowned stars such as Di Stéfano, the famous Puskás, Rial and so many others who have achieved fame not only here in Europe but in all audiences around the world.
Two years ago, ceded by a real fortune to the great Spanish club, Kopa left France, his homeland, and went in search of new successes. At first, not everything went well. Kopa had a period of bad luck, failing to confirm all the fame that he was preceded. But this adverse phase did not last long. In a short time he was established as a true idol of Spanish football. And today no one discusses his ability to be a consummate ace anymore. He is truly an exceptional star.
We saw him play against Brazil in the big match on Tuesday here in Stockholm, forming with Fontaine and Piantoni a truly wonderful attacking trio. It won't be an exaggeration to say that this trio is an attraction for any audience. If Fontaine is an emeritus scorer, with a wonderful vision of the net, Piantoni is a true artist with the balloon and as much knows how to shoot masterfully in goal as he produces classy plays. And Kopa, above all, appears as the brain of the offensive. From his feet the most inspired moves are born. His work for the selection of France in everything is similar to that of Didi for Brazil. And he has admirable ball control. It's very difficult to mark him, because he also knows how to be a player with a lot of fighting spirit, who doesn't stop during all ninety minutes of action. Kopa indicates Brazil as champion!
We were with the notable Real Madrid player, assigned to the French national team for the current World Cup, right after the meeting in which Brazil won sensationally by 5-2. Naturally, he showed neither joy nor satisfaction, although he had been one of the biggest figures on the pitch.
His first impressions were decisive:
— Brazil won without the slightest challenge. They have a very strong team and what we saw today in no way surprised us. We know perfectly well that the Brazilian team has extraordinary values. But, for our part, we must say that the result was too hard. We undeniably deserved better luck, but we couldn't do more given Jonquet's injury. Without his presence, all the defensive work was dismantled and the Brazilian vanguard had a much easier mission.
— And what do you think of the final game? — we asked.
— I don't have any doubts. I think Brazil should be the new world champion. I don't see who can defeat the Brazilian team in this current event. It won't be easy to overcome Sweden, certainly, but the biggest class of the South Americans should ensure their final victory — concluded the famous Kopa.