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Zagallo: This can only be envy"; Garrincha: "I believe"

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-09-27 16:09:44

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After news that the brazilian star Didi had failed to stand out at Real Madrid, some of his former teammates released some comments about the news. Among them, Mário Zagallo & Garrincha made some statements about the news coming from Spain. Zagallo, moreover, commented on the case of Fleitas Solich, too. Zagallo: This can only be envy"; Garrincha: "I believe" 20/10/1959 How the two world champions face the news of the great midfielder's failures — Both of their reasons — That the news is not confirmed is everyone's wish — Zagallo and the situation of Fleitas Solich.
— I don't believe Didi is failing in Spanish football. I was amazed when I read the news in a newspaper, as it is not possible to take information of this nature seriously. After all, we all know Didi, we know he's a great player, with quality that few can display. Why, then, would he fail in Spanish football, which may be very good but does not surpass Brazilian football? — that was how Zagallo reacted, when asked about the version, coming from Madrid, which gave Real as ill satisfied with the high capital investment they had made, hiring Didi. According to the same version, coach Fleitas Solich would also be disappointing the Real Madrid managers, because he had not shown anything new and even had the intention of teaching people such as Di Stéano, Puskás, Gento and other 'aces' to play football. — This can only be envy — Zagallo.
— For me, either the news is false or it's just the envy of other Real Madrid players. Because it's not possible to admit that Didi is failing, with the fabulous football he has. As a matter of fact, in order to doubt the veracity of the information, it is enough to remember that even Solich is considered a failure. Well, I, who have dealt with the Paraguayan coach for so long, can speak with absolute knowledge of the facts. I have dealt with a lot of coaches, all very good, but few are superior. Garrincha believes:
— I believe. And I'll say more: Even before Didi embarked, I thought he wasn't going to work in Spanish football. If I didn't speak to anyone, not even Didi, with whom I had freedom, it's because I feared being misunderstood. But, the truth is that anyone who knows Spanish football knows that the forward, especially the playmaker, has to be fast, play first-touch, do combinations. And Didi, although he knows how to do all this, prefers the slow game, in the middle of the field, throwing the balls deep.
— Garrincha concluded:
— Hopefully the news is not confirmed and that Didi responds to what is expected of him, because he is a great player and an excellent friend.