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Didi, 1959: Real Madrid, Botafogo & more

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On 24/07/1959, Friday, Guiomar and, mainly, Didi were interviewed about the topic of Didi leaving Botafogo and joining Real Madrid. Didi commented a few things about his new club and the end of his career.
To say goodbye to his former teammates, with whom he always maintained the most cordial relations, especially with Nilton Santos, Zagallo, Cacá and Garrincha — Didi was yesterday in General Severiano, participating in the training Botafogo prepared for the game tomorrow, against Bangu.
Gladly received by the players, Didi declared that he was there to train, but warned Paulo Amaral.
Didi: Now that I'm from Real Madrid, I'm not going to try hard.
And he trained, along with the others, but without using forcing too much.
People who saw the training noticed that, although he was smiling, Didi was sad. He became fond of the club and, even though he is going to leave to become economically emancipated, he feels leaving the fraternal conviviality as the one he enjoyed in General Severiano. Did not travel yet.
Although it had been reported that Didi will travel next Tuesday, Guiomar told the journalist that he still doesn't know for sure: Guiomar: Didi will have to report to Real by the 10th of August, so there's no need to travel that fast. Furthermore, it will be up to Real Madrid to determine the day of departure and until today we have not received any communication.
— And there are no tickets reserved for you, in Iberia, for next Tuesday?
Guiomar: Not for us. Who travels on Tuesday is Mr. Sia, director of Botafogo, who will be in charge of bringing the 50 thousand dollars from Real to Botafogo, corresponding to the first installment. Didi & friends.
In his apartment, while he puts private affairs in order, Waldir (Didi) Pereira talks with the journalist, always smiling, answering all the questions:
— Do you know anyone in Real Madrid?" Do you have any friends there?
Didi: Fortunately I have: Rial, Dominguez, Puskás, Di Stéfano, Santamaria...
— Who is the best friend?
Didi: Santamaria is one hundred percent... Puskás also turned out to be an excellent companion... When we met in Lisbon, he turned to me and asked: "So... Are you coming or not?"
— And what about Di Stefano?
Didi: Our friendship is small, it cannot be compared to the others. Bullfighting fan.
— Do you think, Didi, that you'll manage to live an interesting life in Madrid?
Didi: Of course I do. Madrid is a great capital... There is everything to do...
— Do you like bullfights?
The midfielder smiles and looks at Guiomar:
Didi: Do I like bullfighting? Alot!... I consider bullfighting one of the most fabulous things in the world!
— No homesickness, then?
Didi: Then things change. Who doesn't have that when you leave Rio? Even with bullfighting and everything, I'm going to feel alot...
And onwards:
Didi: I will keep my eyes and heart turned to Brazil. On the day that the seleção needs me, I will unfortunately be at the disposal of the directors. And it will be a tremendous pleasure... Didi plays anywhere.
New inquiries:
— Do you hope to adapt well to Real's game system?
Didi: Perfectly. Not that any problem arises...
— Will you play in front or behind?
Didi: I must play up front, scoring goals. Isn't it goals they like?
— Who will be the playmaker?
Didi: It must be Puskás.
— Wouldn't you rather play back, playmaking the moves?
Didi: It doesn't matter to me. Whatever it is, I want to play. Always wanted to go.
— How would you feel if the value was not sold?
Didi: I didn't care anymore. I would stay at Botafogo with the same enthusiasm as always. But, I confess that I always preferred to go to Real Madrid.
— There at Real Madrid, how will you play and how will you feel?
Didi: The way of playing will depend on the coach, who is now my acquaintance Fleitas Solich. Solich knows me well and knows how he can use me.
Didi refers to the only time he worked with Solich:
Didi: In that Botafogo-Flamengo selection, against Honvéd, I had a quick acquaintance with Solich. An observant man, simple and objective in the formation of tactical plans. This was, in fact, the biggest selection that I integrated. Better than that, only the world champion team. Still, I think it would be a tough match. Career end.
— When your contract with Real Madrid ends, will you return to Rio?
Didi: It's too early to think about that problem. The contract did not start or at least sign the first commitment.
— Assuming you're fine and there are means to extend contract?
Didi: I will extend contract for another two years with Real, if there is an opportunity. If I return at the end of the appointment I'm going to sign, I'll only turn to Botafogo. I'll play another year and end my career. I believe I can play at least four more years of football in Europe for Real Madrid.
— Why more resistance there than here?
Didi: The championship is tough, however, different regime. There is a two-month vacation there for all players. Excellent period for recovery after an arduous campaign. Here it is more rigorous. There is no vacation, you play all year round and you still have tournaments, tours, national team. The violent heat of Rio does not allow us to reach a longer age playing football. It finishes early. Wanted to play.
Didi has offered to play against Bangu tomorrow. Saldanha thanked him for the offer and said he couldn't use him, being more appropriate to start the substitute soon. Didi commented:
Didi: I would like to say my farewell against Bangu. It would be my thanks to the club that did so much for me. To Botafogo I owe everything I've achieved, mainly in the financial field. It was three years of adventures. But Saldanha is right. I'm no longer from Botafogo.
As for Solich, he has taken advantage of his spare time to visit my friends (from the opposition) from Flamengo, with the best details about his return to Rio, within a year, as an electoral flag. The Paraguayan coach intended to attend Gávea yesterday to say goodbye to his former pupils, but was advised not to do so, as Mr. Hilton Santos and the players (mostly) would not welcome him. Solich is due to travel tomorrow to Asuncion, transiting through Rio next week, heading for Madrid.