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06/06/1938: Pepe Villangui interviews Leônidas da Silva

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As soon as the Brazilian team returned to Paris, Pepe Villengui, who was also covering the III. FIFA World Cup, interviewed the star of Brazil - Poland: Leônidas da Silva.
— Do you want to tell us what impression left your first game in Europe?
Leônidas: Com muito prazer. — replied the diamant noir in Portuguese — without denying the merits of our loyal opponents, I can say that I never imagined that our defense — generally regarded as the strong point of the team — would be in an unfavorable light for this first game.
» We played my comrade Domingos with a fever of 39°; but I must say frankly that this player is the best of the whole delegation, and it is for the reason that I have just told you that we had a moment of panic.
» Finally, I add that the public was extremely kind to us, and very sporty.
— Do you have confidence for your next match?
Leônidas: Ah! I can assure you that our team will perform much better than the day before yesterday; when it would only be because Domingos will be completely healed from his flu attack.