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Jerusalem, 24/01/1939: Sindelar, my teacher, my master

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2020-05-28 00:07:51

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Since the announcement of Sindelar's death, as it was annouced that he committed suicide, his former colleagues were asked about his conclusion. One of them was Camillo Jerusalem, the insider of FC Sochaux. Jerusalem played with Matthias Sindelar since 1933, and was one of the players who was really attached to the person that Sindelar was. In this conversation, Jerusalem talked to Paul Wartel about Der Papierene's death and some other points.
— It's not possible! — said Jerusalem after the announcement. He also added:
Jerusalem: I can't believe it. My comrade's gesture can hardly be explained. For many years, Sindelar had a cafe in Vienna, and his business, as well as his situation, has always been successful. I can only attribute its resolution to intimate sorrows.