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A conversation between Leônidas & Erico

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-10-09 22:37:50

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In 1939, when a selection of Flamengo & Vasco went to face a selection of Independiente & River Plate, Leônidas saw Erico and they had a quick dialogue which extends others. Before the match, a journalist capted the conversation between the two aces. In his article, he reported the conversations:
A dialogue between Leônidas and Erico could be divided into two parts. The first would have the San Lorenzo cancha as a scenario. So the hinchada went to see Leônidas and ended up seeing only Erico "again". The bottom of the second would be the cement molle of São Januario. And the public eager to discover Erico only had the satisfaction of verifying that Leônidas was the same... The first round would end with the referee raising Erico's arm, which would ask ironically:
Erico: Are you sure your name is Leônidas, the Black Diamond, the Rubber Man? There is no mistake? If there is no mistake I can breathe a sigh of relief. The news came to scare me. Now I see that it was all just an advertising campaign. It takes such a thing for us to understand the value of the press...
Leônidas would swallow the pillula, responding only with monosyllabos. The second round, however, would belong to the Brazilian, by knock-out. And Leônidas, perversely, would ask Erico:
Leônidas: Why didn't Erico come?
Erico: I'm Erico!
Leônidas: You? There really is a certain similarity between you and the Paraguayan of Independiente, but you must be a double of the famous Erico.
Erico: I'm Erico!
Leônidas: If you are Erico, you shouldn't scream so much, you should say softly that you are Erico. No one, however, needs to know this.
Erico would callously lower his voice.
Erico: I was unfair to you. I came to think that the Black Diamond was a journalistic invention. Now I know you are Leônidas.
Erico: I'm confused and don't know how to ask you a favor.
Leônidas: You can ask. No ceremony.
Erico: I wanted to know how to score bicycle kick goal. If I scored a goal by bicycle in the Argentine championship, I don't know what would happen.
Leônidas: That I cannot say. I sympathize with you a lot and that's why I keep silent. I don't want to be responsible for any disaster.
Erico: It's not a disaster. It's a success.
Leônidas: No. I won't teach. I already have a remorse in my conscience. One day I taught a good guy the secret of the bicycle kick goal.
Erico: Where does he play?
Leônidas: He doesn't play.
Erico: Why doesn't he play?
Leônidas: Because he broke his neck...