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Players with most goals for a single club

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2019-09-05 03:00:00

Data providers: Isaque Argolo, Davide Basile.
This is a list that will be constantly updated in the future. There are players who could complete the list, but the numbers have not yet been confirmed or the data is missing. It is important to remember that this is not — and will never be — a finished project, but rather a list that tries to gather statistics based on the criteria below. Criteria:
#: The footballer scored more or equal than 350 goals.
#: The list considers the footballers who scored mostly in high-level matches.
#: The list does not considers matches characterized as friendly matches.
1.⋙ Lionel MessiArgentina, 24/06/1987
672 goals and 778 matches for F.C. Barcelona
2.⋙ PeléBrazil, 23/10/1940
643 goals and 663 matches for Santos F.C.
3.⋙ Gerd MüllerGermany, 03/11/1945
568 goals and 611 matches for F.C. Bayern München
4.⋙ Fernando PeyroteoAngola, 10/03/1918
543 goals and 334 matches for Sporting C.P.
5.⋙ Jimmy McGroryScotland, 26/04/1904
540 goals and 534 matches for Celtic F.C.
6.Josef BicanAustria, 25/09/1913
536 goals and 285 matches for S. K. Slavia Praha
7.⋙ Uwe SeelerGermany, 05/11/1936
524 goals and 595 matches for Hamburger S.V.
8.⋙ Fritz WalterGermany, 31/10/1920
481 goals and 443 matches for 1. F.C. Kaiserslautern
9.⋙ EusébioMoçambique, 25/01/1942
473 goals and 440 matches for S.L. Benfica
10.⋙ Cristiano RonaldoPortugal, 05/02/1985
450 goals and 438 matches for Real Madrid C.F.
11.⋙ Ferenc SzuszaHungary, 01/12/1923
425 goals and --- matches for Újpesti F.C.
12.Dr. György SárosiHungary, 05/08/1912
421 goals and 450 matches for Ferencvárosi T.C.
13.⋙ Gyula ZsengellérHungary, 27/12/1915
418 goals and 345 matches for Újpesti F.C.
14.⋙ Max MorlockGermany, 11/05/1925
401 goals and 572 matches for 1. F.C. Kaiserslautern
15.⋙ ZicoBrazil, 03/03/1953
401 goals and 480 matches for C.R. Flamengo
16.⋙ Franz BinderAustria, 01/12/1911
399 goals and 321 matches for S.K. Rapid Wien
17.Ferenc PuskásHungary, 01/04/1927
379 goals and 367 matches for Budapesti Honvéd S.E.
18.⋙ José ÁguasPortugal, 09/11/1930
379 goals and 383 matches for S.L. Benfica
19.⋙ Dixie DeanEngland, 22/01/1907
377 goals and 431 matches for Everton F.C.
20.⋙ NenéPortugal, 20/11/1949
362 goals and 576 matches for S.L. Benfica
21.⋙ Fernando GomesPortugal, 22/11/1956
355 goals and 452 matches for F.C. Porto
22.⋙ Ally McCoistScotland, 24/09/1962
355 goals and 581 matches for Rangers F.C.
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