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Umberto Caligaris

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-10-28 20:36:52

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Representing Casale of Piedmont, a player widely known for his attention to the opponent, fighting for the ball and his enthusiasm on the field. Umberto Caligaris — Caliga —, an Italian left-back, one of the most respected across the continent, has represented Italy 59 times — until then, Caligaris was the player with the most caps for Azzurri.
Caliga was a strong representative of Piedmont, with his robust physique and imposing on the opponent. He, however, was a respectful player, but a player to be admired. When his team seemed crestfallen by any ordinary situation, Caligaris imposed himself in their hearts to strengthen them, and to seek the much-acclaimed victory. According to Pozzo, Caligaris was a gladiator. He was a column that controlled a team's entire emotional system. With Caligaris on the field, confidence increased towards the opponent.
He was a tireless fighter, always chasing the ball and following it when it seemed he had no other chance. Sometimes, he ended up wearing out, but that was peculiar to his style. He never gave up on the move and never kept his head down. Caligaris had stamina, a stamina to strive forever to conquer. Caligaris has always combined technique, combativeness and ardor, shining the field as a dominator, as a man from whom young people can learn a lot. He took the hearts of athletes, found the strength and authority to call the less tenacious to duty.
However, he wasn't just a fighter, no; he, moreover, was a player of good technique, which qualities of him spread to all defensive branches. His cuts were precise and punctual, and, in line with his speed and attention on the field, made him a truly spectacular defender. Alongside Virgínio Rosetta, Caligaris made one of the most exceptional defensive duos in history.