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Domenico Rudatis on Juventus winning the Serie A 1932/33

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Juventus campione d'Italia
Domenico Rudatis | 11/08/1933

With a fairly clear gap of points on the second-placed team, Juventus from Turin won the Championship this year too. Nothing to complain about the triumph of the white-black team, which really proved to be the best among the eighteen competitors, imposing a sense of resignation to all the other teams, several days before the tournament ended.
A very regular team, Juventus found themselves leading the standings for most of the Championship, and precisely from the tenth round onwards, when Napoli, after the brilliant and lucky start, had to give up the first position to have been defeated in Bologna. during an eventful game. Subsequently, the Partenopei undermined the position of Juventus for a few Sundays, but they did nothing and relegated from second place to fourth, while in the meantime, to tighten the team of champions and bring them serious attacks, thought Bologna. Once again, therefore, bianco-neri and rosso-blu were engaged in the struggle for primacy, as is the case almost every year. There was a period in which one team and the other accused discontinuity and imbalances in their game, but the first to feel this state of discomfort most was the Bologna team, which lost some matches and also lost on Juventus' ground, the who had the good fortune to quickly get back on their feet, after that dull period, just in time to repel the Ambrosiana-Inter attack.
In fact, the Milanese nerazzurri, at the end of a brilliant series of victories, went close to Juventus and began the final part of that fruitless caccia alla volpe. Of course this... last pursuit was the most interesting of the whole Championship, although — it must be admitted — it had almost never had exciting phases of uncertainty: only a short time the gap in points that divided Juventus and Ambrosiana was less than two points. In any case, the long-distance struggle between these teams always retained characteristics of emotion. Even Bologna, towards the end of the championship, returned to the standings close to the Ambrosiana, but failed to go beyond second place.
Having thus lost the absolute uncertainty for the conquest of the primacy, the great national football tournament recorded at least one exciting fight for the dispute of the second place, and therefore the right to play in the Coppa Europa, a fight that ended with the clear advantage of Ambrosiana, who, after the inconsistencies accused at the beginning of the Championship, is decidedly refreshed in the second round, to then surprise everyone in the hard-fought European Cup matches. Bologna, on the other hand, fell towards the end of the tournament, so much so that they were joined by Napoli on the last day.
As we said, Juventus really appeared to be the best team of the lot. And much of this triumph he owes to the admirable defense that has crushed the offensive ambitions of the most popular national attacks in many games. For all, the draws in Milan, with the nerazzurri, and in Bologna are valid. But in addition to the Combi, Rosetta and Caligaris, the team of champions also owes a lot to its midfield, clearly the best of all the competitors. And not once did the safe play of Monti and his teammates push the team to a victory that now seemed impossible. Only the first line, among so much regularity, has run into worrying ups and downs, due to the lack of homogeneity between man and man. Here, the isolated feats of some athletes, such as Orsi and Borel II., have frequently saved the situation. On the other hand, the shoulders of this attack were so well safeguarded, that never appeared, in the scores, to the disadvantage of such imbalances as to highlight the shortcomings.
However, Juventus confirmed themselves as a very elite team and worthy of it was Ambrosiana-Inter, a team with a perfect style and a very fine game. Before it could have been objected that Inter lacked bite, but now that the decisive Pitto has grafted onto the line of the midfielders — a real injection... of ardor and will — the whole team is working very well. It is very likely that, for the coming year, the team to beat will be that of the nerazzurri... But since this is not the moment for the predictions, let's be content to note with pleasure that the last Championship has graduated with justice the values ​​in vying. Juventus, Ambrosiana, Bologna and Napoli, Roma: all beautiful teams, but, as a merit, to be mentioned in this order. Just like the Championship said.