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Josef Bican advises young athletes I.

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Josef Bican advises young athletes I.
Josef Bican | 16/10/1947

Dear young friends, I have been asked by the sports editor to bring you closer to the principles of football in several articles. I like to do so because I appreciate your sincere boyish interest.
In every successful job, we must follow a certain system or plan. We will therefore divide my advice into a few lessons for the necessary introduction. Surely you've probably wondered what type of player I'm going to talk about. Of course, you all know me as the centre-forward.
Introducing a few words about how I imagine a boy with whom a good football player could grow up. Above all, they must be perfectly healthy, and this, in turn, can be judged by an expert. Today you have plenty of data opportunities to look at at school or any club you want to play. It's very important and don't underestimate it. Football is a very stressful sport and you could easily grieve your parents. It requires an absolutely healthy heart and lungs.
You must not condemn your other duties for sport anyway, I would say civic, namely my school prael. It's bad to play with an unclean conscience. First a job and then a reward for joy in sports.
Look at sport as a means of keeping health and physical freshness, rather than as the very purpose and meaning of life. And even the best of you must not rely solely on sports. After all, all players in our country, without distinction, have their professions, above all, and only then does sport come. Only in England do footballers only prepare for the game and train continuously for days, but don't think it's just an easy profession and I'll tell you I'm more satisfied with our circumstances.