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Sindelar and Gschweidl

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-11-23 16:02:36

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Two products from the Vienna school, both representatives, copies of Kálmán Konrád, who reached heights of technical and tactical knowledge that made them two of the best geniuses of all time. Sindi, the Sindelar, who was held to be the aura of Wunderteam; Gschweidl, a genius playmaker, the mainstay of First Vienna's history and the architect of Wunderteam.
Both insiders and centre-forwards, as both Sindelar and Gschweidl could play in the three positions of the inside trio. However, some say that Gschweild reached the apex acting as a right insider; others claim that he was better as a centre-forward. The fact is, as much as Gschweidl played centre-forward, he had a tendency to move more to the right anyway. Well, but the truth is that they both achieved knowledge when they lined-up in the inside trio, with Sindelar acting as the centre-forward and Gschweidl acting as the right insider. Das Wunderteam.
Even before Wunderteam was formed, opinions were divided over whether Sindelar and Gschweidl could play together. However, Hugo Meisl was forced to test them again. Meisl put an end to Gschweidl's Selection and made him the right insider. After many requests, Sindelar was finally placed as the team's centre-forward.
With Vogl on the sideline, he gets ideas just like Gschweidl and I do inside. Gschweidl's tremendous routine and tranquility trigger generously thought-out action with engineering prudence and precision; I strive to do the opposite of what the opponent must infer from my movements and posture. Gschweidl starts to build after my movements, and I launch my actions. Matthias Sindelar