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Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-12-21 13:41:03

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Manchester City's current status
Isaque Argolo | 14/12/2021

I:I am writing this text as I watch Manchester City-Leeds United, Tuesday, in yet another round of the Premier League. At first, I believed that Leeds United would be a bit of a tough opponent, but even in the early stages of the match, it's amply noticeable that Bielsa's team wouldn't be able to be a match against Manchester City.
City's team is fantastic, a true harmonic spectacle. Their chess pieces are completely versatile on the field. During the entire ninety minutes, the team does not demonstrate a specific tactic, but a series of moves and combinations that, in line with the advanced tactical perception and unique technical quality of their players, make Manchester City an incredibly dominant team. So much so that, above all, the Leeds United team did not finish in the first half.
City play based on the scientific style of looking for the best positioned player and broadly with low, short passes; thus aiming at reaching the opponent's goal with a series of combinations and infiltrations by their players. However, they do not reflect an overly pragmatic style, but a scientific style in line with tactical and technical elegance. Kevin de Bruyne, for example, is a spectacular player who exudes the qualities of a high-caliber strategist.
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Lewandowski 70? Isaque Argolo | 14/12/2021
II:Today, Lewandowski has scored his 68th goal of 2021. Well, he has just one more game to join the select group of players who have scored 70 official goals in just one year. The match will be against Wolfsburg, who lost today to Köln. Bayern München will face Wolfsburg at the Allianz Arena and with Lewandowski, therefore, due to the aforementioned circumstances, I believe that Lewandowski will score at least two goals. It's my guess.
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Palmeiras x Flamengo Isaque Argolo | 14/12/2021
III:I don't usually watch South American football, especially after having seen the quality disaster that was the final between Palmeiras and Santos — 2020 edition. I, however, decided to watch the final between Palmeiras and Flamengo. According to a large part of those who talked about the Libertadores final, Flamengo was the favorite team. Perhaps, due to a mere pet peeve, I claimed that Palmeiras would beat Flamengo, but that is just it, I don't have any issues against Flamengo or any other team. In fact, in a restaurant close to home, I bet — worth three chopps — on the exact result of 1:0 for Palmeiras. Well, I didn't hit the exact score, but I hit the winner of the match. In fact, the final was better than the 2020 edition, and it was a fun experience to watch South American football again. Congratulations to Palmeiras, twice champion of the Libertadores in the same year.