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König Richard, cigarettes & DFB

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-12-23 16:44:52

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In 1933, Richard Hofmann was still in good shape and maintaining his athletic capacity. He, moreover, was still an international player from Germany and a player of the highest class in the world. However, a turnaround eventually took place, thus excluding Hofmann away from the lawns of Germany's international matches.
For advertising posters for the Dresden cigarette factory, in Bulgaria, for an extra income of 3.000 marks, which the DFB interpreted as a clear violation of its rules — the amateur statute. The problem itself was not the cigarette, as the DFB — and even other federations — used to promote alcohol and tobacco to finance the organizational apparatus, but, in fact, the extra income Hofmann received.
Immediately, the DFB banned Hofmann from the German national team, but there were negotiations that lasted a long time. Several supporters manifestations were held at matches in Germany, but the DFB never changed its last word on this case.