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The sheets of my album II.: Men of the Woods

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-12-30 19:32:11

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This article is part of a series called "The feuilets de mon album" — The sheets of my album —, by Jean Eskenazi, published in 1937 & 1938. These series are a collection of footballers and some quick interesting comments of Eskenazi abut every single one of them. You can see the whole episodes by clicking here. Men of the woods Jean Eskenazi | 18/11/1937
* * *
Frank Moss
First principle in England: There is a goalkeeper, because it takes one.
A porter across the Channel does not therefore have to play the "stars".
He must go frankly to the brawl and not fear the harsh charges of the British forwards
Because otherwise... hop! in the cage. Moss is from this school.
And when you are told that the English do not have goalkeepers: Smile... smile brightly.
* * *
Peter Platzer
He is a goalkeeper of the Austrian team.
...He is also an actor in the “civilian” sector. But in the civilian sector only, because in the field he does not make a theater.
This is the one thing he did not imitate from Hiden, his predecessor, whose attitudes and costume he copied.
In any case, the worthy successor of the Viennese pastry chef.
* * *
Hans Jakob
He would have pleased Frederick II.
And we can see him enough under the uniform of the Pomeranian pomegranate. He is tall, very tall, the tallest of all.
He is so big that it is sometimes embarrassing to read.
...And lady when there is a bass he can say, like the hero of Jean Sarment: "I am too big for me".
* * *
Ricardo Zamora
A demigod of the corporation. A name that stands out.
Truly a star.
You only have to approach the handsome Ricardo to notice itvo-tr, because he has an amazing personality.
The genius of the profession too... and panache.
...And that I kiss you, and that I congratulate you.
...But that I stop you... and that I save you goals too.
* * *
František Plánička
He is like his beautiful country.
He is sober... and efficient.
He is not about effects. He is looking for yield.
And he has been going on for years.
One of the most beautiful figures to have appeared on a football field. Never looked for a show where it's so easy to do.
Better than a great goalie... a great player.
* * *
Carlo Ceresoli
He's a Latin.
So he's nervous.
He is also an elegant goalkeeper of unmistakable class.
In London, in the famous England-Italy, he stopped a penalty shot by Brook.
...He rubbed his hands again.
He will probably join "Squadra Azzurra" on December 5 in Paris if his nerves have left him in peace until then.
* * *
Antal Szabó
Considering him, he doesn't look like a goalkeeper.
He looks fat, chubby... but is very muscular.
...And it is rather he who charges the forwards.
He faithfully represents Hungarian football because he has his days.
As Plánička, he does not wear a cap and always lets his black hair flutter in the wind, black as coal.
* * *
Rudolf Hiden
The artist of the house.
With all the photography, the cinema, the theater that this expression can include.
A 100% spectacular goalkeeper. To the point of being annoying at times. But he has the intelligence, the genius of his profession.
So we forgive him for his staging, which brings the beautiful spectators so much comfort.
* * *
Laurent Di Lorto
He was a late one.
At 20, fame still ignored him. It made him character.
He knows what to expect on the fumes of incense and, as his Captain Mattler says, he is only looking to add a few tulles to his house in Martigues.
He's a winner... and that's why he "grumbles" a little from time to time. But he is so nice that no one holds it against him.
Has made astonishing progress for two years and has this second start which makes one think that he is never completely stuck.