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Dr. Soukup: Buchan, the wonder man

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Buchan, the wonder man
Dr. Richard Soukup | 29/05/1926

Does he look like an Indian or does he look like an oversized pipe lid? In any case, a viewer who had the stupid idea of comparing him to Schaffer immediately received a boxer from his neighbor (amateur supporter?).
What Buchan will surely make unforgettable to us was the fact that every two minutes he would sit on the ground, take a close look at whoever knocked him over, and then, as if he had thought it over, jumped up to deal with conscience to pursue his occupation. In the game against Rapid he proved that he is as good a boxer as he is a shooter.
The game against Amateur saw him more in cover, where he repeatedly intercepted and then served the ball to his more agile colleagues. It may be that Buchan is more outgoing at home, in any case he teased us more than delighted us.