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Alfréd Schaffer

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One of the best Hungarians of all-time and one of the best axes that has ever played the game, Alfréd Schaffer — fußballkönig — was well-known as a teacher for many footballers and nations. His football style helped to mold European football. Back in his time, Schaffer was seen as one of the best centre-forwards in the world, if not the best according to many specialists.
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Schaffer was a combination between high technique, tactical sense and physical conditioning. However, although he was a strong player, he would rely on his qualities with the ball instead of using his physique to beat players. Netherless, if Schaffer found a tough opponent to beat, he sometimes would use his physique to beat them. Considering his weight, his technique was almost perfect. Alfréd Schaffer
His unexpected passes disrupted the opponent’s order of defense in a matter of moments. But it was not in the field but near the gate that he was most formidable. The "proximity" to him started at a distance of 25-30 meters from the goal line. He had already aimed the gate with unparalleled security from so far away. His shots were not only rushing with tremendous force towards the net, but they were also extremely accurate, well placed. Indeed, Schaffer had his best quality in his shots. — A Hungarian, of course, but not as one generally imagines Hungary: blond, curly haired, broad, sedate. When he wears the Bavarian costume, then he looks like a Sennbub from a Ganghofer novel. He moves almost slowly on the field, but he handles the ball so that the whole game starts to dance around him — and when he shoots: he has a terrifying shot! Irta: Richard Kirn. Shooting
Of all of his outstanding abilties with the ball, Schaffer reflected that his shot was his best attribute. Not only he could send a precise shot but also a vry fast one with dazzling power. With boot feet, his precision was on point and always timed.
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