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Libor: My friend, the Dr. Sárosi

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My Friend, the Dr. Sárosi
Libor | 25/07/1937

Just like Sindelar and Schäfer for Austria, Schmeling for Germany, Nurmi for Finland, so is Sárosi for Hungary — given the friendship that prevails between the two of us, I can easily omit the academic title when I write about him, or rather, about him — a term. Not only in terms of sport, but also as a person, I hardly know a second person who would deserve the adjective "good" in the purest sense of the word as Sárosi.
We find two completely humble natures — he is serious, deliberate, ambitious, exactly, and I in every respect the exact opposite — and yet we get along so wonderfully. He picks me up at the theater, I look for him in the dressing room during a game, and he always tells me about the match. After the game against Austria, he said nothing but "I would like to be able to play alongside Sindelar even more than before, that must be a real pleasure. Nobody can imitate him how he unlocks his comrades and how he gets through."
Sárosi doesn't spoil the fun and is involved in every het, but no third party should be harmed. I think he has never offended anyone. And on the field, if he accidentally hits the opponent's legs instead of the ball hits, it certainly hurts him more than the person who is hit.
He's already starting to have a bit of fun, he has now reached one of his long-awaited goals, the doctorate, but during his studies there was nothing to talk to him about. After the match he went home immediately and off to the books. After training he said goodbye to his comrades immediately, there was a coffee house for him, a fine afternoon off, he always went home straight away and prepared for the exams he took in Szeged.
When I was younger I would like to start playing football all over again if I could play alongside Sárosi. Oh yes, when I was a cadet in Oradea, I played soccer myself. In fact, a lot and — I don't want to be arrogant — in my opinion, at least, quite good. Right winger mostly. No, yes, I could run very well and that's the most important thing for a winger.
To get back to Sárosi. When he has finished his studies, he dedicates himself to something more fun. But even that only with moderation and a reason.
In my eyes, Sárosi is the most perfect person. I have nothing more to say about him.