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Hussek: No, we have not returned to our football class!

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No, We have not returned to our football class!
Luigi Hussak | 19/12/1937

I do not want to deny that in the past six months I have seen some poor performances both from the national team as well as from our clubs. In my firm conviction, however, it is not a factual decline in the Austrian football class that is to blame for these certainly unpleasant results, but the coincidence of various adverse circumstances, the importance of which cannot be overlooked. Excessive class players.
For example, we had the cup that sticks from our national team. How Sindelar and Adamek were abandoned immediately before the great national battles against Hungary and Czechoslovakia and could not take part in the games. One heard suggestions like: "My God, if the Sindelar can't play, you just have to play someone else." That's not the way it is. Such players cannot be ignored. Football phenomena like those that Fischera, Kuthan and Blum were, for example, are not born every year. Not unlike in art and other areas of human life, people of special format and only thaw once every decades. It's no different in other countries. If the Hungarians lack a man like Doctor Sárosi, for example, the class of the entire team drops immediately. We couldn't give the Hungarians and Czechoslovakia a Sindelar, which is understandable given the equality of these teams. Don't worry about the youth!
As a coach through Viennese amateur clubs, I have the opportunity to see most of the teams in training at work, and I am also particularly interested in the youth teams of these clubs. I can only say that you can still find excellent footballers in all clubs, that one is often amazed at what is insignificant. Most teams to find youngsters who are downright copies of a Sindelar, Bican, etc. If these guys only kept a part of what they promise through their performance, then our football sport should soon find a new heyday.
I'm only referring to the game of the youth team in Budapest, where you can see great performances by the Viennese boys. The Hungarian audience, who are certainly not sorry to be enthusiastic about a visiting team, cheered our team. Players like Schörg, Durek, Gollaß and others who have thrown in this team must be described as future hopes of a special format. Condition, condition!
I know that many young footballers still belong to the group of so-called war childrens, who unfortunately cannot be described physically as good. Unfortunately, the later years are not much better off either, so that one often finds young footballers who are physically not quite able to cope with the demands of the tough fight. But it is precisely such players who often make up for this physical shortcoming with technical and tactical advantages, and the system of the Wiener Schule gives people enough opportunities to develop such advantages.
This fact, but also the fact that in many clubs too little attention is paid to the physical condition of the footballers, means that the players of other countries often find their footballers superior in purely physical combat. This particularly affects the running ability, which unfortunately also our top-class soccer players lack very much. You can make footballers faster.
I will never forget the impression the first game on English soil that I had the chance to see left me. An English footballer will never completely refrain from running towards a ball, even if he sees that his opponent is much closer to the ball and it is highly unlikely that he could get hold of the leather after all. A few days ago we read again that the English footballers won the battle against Czechoslovakia primarily because of their greater speed. Technically and tactically, the Czechs were better, but in the run the Britannics were two steps ahead of their opponents.
In my many years of work as a coach I have tried it out again and again: It is also possible to make footballers faster systematically, you just have to want to and follow a cleverly structured training program. We absolutely have to pay more attention to the condition. Of course you have to teach footballers that their way of life has to correspond to sporting principles. This is the basis for every sporting success. Austria's football does not go under.
So if you take serious steps to remedy the various anomalies that I have discovered, then you will see success again very soon. Because at its core, the Austrian football fanatics have not declined.