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Eskenazi, 1933: A quarter of an hour with Pepi Blum

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A quarter of an hour with Pepi Blum
Jean Eskenazi | 22/12/1933

The Austria Wien, winner of the Central European Cup, did a short internship in Paris, between his arrival from Great Britain with misty horizons and his departure for Algeria with sunnier prospects. We found a few well-known figures.
“Pepi” Blum, record holder of the Austrian selection and who, after having been a famous full-back, carves out a good reputation as a trainer; Walter Nausch, captain of the Austrian team and who is also administrative secretary of Austria; Sindelar, still with his emaciated profile of a bird of prey; Viertl, Gall, Mock and Stroh, the future inside right of the Wunderteam. Beaten but happy.
— And this tour in England? — I asked Blum.
Blum: Excellent, despite our two defeats and the bad luck that overwhelmed us. In Liverpool we found snow and in Manchester fog so opaque that the players could barely see themselves on the pitch.
— Happy with the game?
Blum: Very. Austria had a very good exhibition in England. Here is what one of the most rated critics from across the Channel, Ivan Sharp, writes following our game at Liverpool.
Blum unfolds a newspaper for us and, indeed, I They: "If you have a penny in your pocket, be sure to go and see the Austrian players in Manchester on Monday. They are perfect balloon artists. If you are not satisfied, I am ready to reimburse you. " Two styles.
— What did you think of your opponents?
Blum: Manchester made a big impression on me. It's a very great team, the attack in particular is remarkable. Manchester City must be England's best team right now
— It's possible. Goodall, captain of the "Rose" team, told me during the France-England banquet that he had never seen such a good game in his entire career as the Manchester-Huddersfield. And Liverpool?
Blum: Riley, the goalkeeper, played a great game. He was a little lucky though.
— And Austria?
Blum: Mock, Nausch, Stroh, Sindelar were great and the Manchester players who were all in attendance for the Liverpool game quickly spotted them for their game.
— You don't play anymore?
Blum smiles.
— No, finished. However, if we have too many injured players, I might play in Paris in January.