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G.R.S: The reason why Kopa left Real Madrid

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-01-11 23:24:08

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Di Stéfano, "Hombre malo"
Geraldo Romualdo da Silva | 27/08/1963

Given the interest of some of the statements made recently by Kopa in this regard, we transcribe the main ones:
Di Stéfano is a great gentleman capable of generous gestures, but on the ground he is a difficult companion — he becomes terribly authoritarian and the true master of the club although there is a president, directors, coach and captain of the team there. Of course, I also have flaws and pride and I didn't like to submit myself completely to him... That was the real cause of my return to Reims.
And he explains how he came to know the true character of Di Stéfano:
— In Paris, before the Real Madrid-Reims match, in the 1956 European Cup final, my transfer to the team I was going to face was decided. And Saporta, Real Madrid's technical secretary, wanted to introduce me to my future teammates. Everyone surrounded me congratulating me, but only one, kept away, dodging as if nothing special was happening — it was D. Alfredo who, in the face of my attempt to greet him, just said: "Congratulations".
Kopa continues:
— I debuted for Madrid against Vasco da Gama, having conquered two goals for my comrades. This feat was met with great enthusiasm by my new colleagues, except for the "King". He didn't even say anything to me. I was not surprised, therefore, that at a certain point he played a minor role in the team, but after the 0-4 defeat against Barcelona I returned to have a role similar to that of D. Alfredo and we triumphed 5-0 against Atlético Madrid, having scored two goals, a feat I would repeat the following Sunday. However, Luis Carniglia let me know that Di Stéfano wanted to return to the position in which I played and that's why he (the coach...) thought it was better for me to move to the right wing, a position I should not abandon. I protested, of course, but it was of no use to me because Dom Alfredo was in charge. I even had the misfortune of venturing into the center of the field once, but then I heard him say: "Francesito, do you think you are Maria Callas?". In spite of everything, it was lucky for me to play with number 7. If he wanted to, the same thing happened to me like Simonsson and Didi, who D. Alfredo refused to join the main team. But it was not only in these aspects that the Argentine was unsympathetic. In front of his admirers, the journalists who questioned him or even at the table, he insisted on being rude.
— Despite everything — continues the French forward — I will never forget that it was because of him that I managed to join Real Madrid. quite a pity that we were never friends, as I'm convinced that if he wanted we wouldn't "shadow each other".
With these words, Kopa finally came to support Didi, whose statements made at the time he left Real Madrid were seen as impulsive and extemporaneous, typical of a South American spirit. Now everyone understands. And Simonsson too.