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Sindelar's play style transformation

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Few football players have gone through a play style transformation like Sindelar. His play style used to be selfish, never looking for the best movement or the best choice. However, Sindelar always kept a technique which was identical to what Konrád Csámi had, but lacked tactical mastery. Sindi, when beggining to his football career, was no first option. His game reflected high quality of technique and actions that would break the last defensive line.
– One of my most successful moments in my entire career was to bring Kálmán Konrád and Alfréd Schaffer to Vienna – Hugo Meisl.
While still playing for Hertha, Sindelar already had Kálmán Konrád as a role-model, due to his different style of game, an style which reflected the MTK-iskola. Sindelar, then, moved to his idol club, wiener Amateur-SV. However, none of the Konrád brothers were still there, both Kálmán and Jeno had moved to First Vienna. According to the relates, both did not get together with Alfréd Schaffer, and had to move to other club; Schaffer denies it.
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Althought Konrád II. was not in Amateur's squad anymore, the club still had a great representation of the old MTK-iskola in Alfréd Schaffer. The young Sindelar played alongside Spézi in the forward line and also in front of Schaffer, due to Schaffer not being only a great forward but also a centerhalf of pure class. The duo did not last long, but what Sindelar learned a lot with one of the greatest strategist in football's history. While playing alongside Schaffer, Sindelar learned how to review, keeping an eye in all actions; how to draw defenses; how to always be confident, maintaining spiritual superiority. Sindelar, moreover, not only learned Schaffer plans but also how to breakthrough at the right moment, and also learned how to shoot from any situation.
The 1925/26 marked the return of the Konrád brothers to Amateur. Schaffer left the main knowledge to Sindelar. From them on, Konrád Csámi meant to Sindelar what to observe, who was then called a artist, a true Rastelli. In contrast to the robust Schaffer, he was a believer in reasonable, simple, subtle, obvious pulls. He didn’t try breakthroughs, his quiet, humble manners chess-matted his opponent with the simplest solutions. His infinite calm, human delicacy, selflessness, wonderful ball handling opened up a new perspective for Sindelar, the center player. In almost minutes he took it from Konrád - as well as Schaffer - which was good in him, without losing it, he gave up his agility and speed, which neither Konrád nor Schaffer could boast of. He did not forget old actions, no. Nevertheless, Sindelar became a creator, always looking for the others. Now, he plays for the team. Before, he was selfish, today is a model of selflessness and his ability to shoot is becoming increasingly formidable. The Sindelar, who acted irresponsibly back and forth, became such a warlord that at times his artistic performance moved to the standard of Schaffer — Konrád — Orth — Pataky in all tastes. His military repertoire is almost inexhaustible...
irta: Frigyes Becske, 02/10/1932.
As his knowledge and experience grew, as he began to become the pride and supreme hope of the Viennese audience, with the arrival of Karl Kurz and the advices of the manager Robert Lang, Sindelar became more ambitious about tactics and its sense. Sindelar did not only became a great creator, but also a professor, a master of tactics.
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