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31/01/1936: Mario Brun talks to Hugo Meisl

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-01-15 14:46:38

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"I believe Bican is superior to Sindelar"
Mario Brun | 31/01/1936

Spain had never been beaten at home. The Austrian team achieved this feat. It came at the right time to enhance the prestige of Vienna football, explained to me Hugo Meisl's secretary who knows his football inside out and proves it to you in the kindest way.
Hugo Meisl, who is lunching among his men, has instructed her to make me wait. She succeeded without difficulty by telling me the adventures of the long journey that the Austrian team had just made in the Iberian Peninsula:
— Rain all the time... An extremely formidable team from Spain in their attack... What shooters are Ventolrá, Iraragorri, Lángara and Regueiro!" Portuguese football? But he surprised us very pleasantly! A centre-half like Ruy de Aranjo wouldn't disappoint any big Central European team... Porto? A picturesque town with charming people, but lacking in comfort... The sun shone there the day we left! Tell me now where I can buy cheap fabrics and silk...
Football regains its rights with the arrival of Hugo Meisl. Spain is missing a pivot.
Meisl: Spain lacks a good centre-half. That centre-half of Portugal was far superior. With him I particularly appreciated the right half Albino, inside left Pinga, the left winger Nunes and the centre-forward Soeiro who is however too nervous, too emotional.
— Your centre-forward Bican has, it seems, achieved prowess?
Meisl: That's right. Bican is a marvelous leader of attack, it must be admitted. He is brilliant and efficient.
— So he's Sindelar's successor?
Meisl: Certainly. I even believe he is superior to Sindi!
— It was rumored that you would select Jordan.
Meisl: It was hardly possible... And then, believe me, the best Austrian centre-half is still Smistik. Jimmy Hogan
For a long time Jimmy Hogan, the former coach of Racing, was chosen by Hugo Meisl to take care of the preparation of the Austrian national team for its big matches.
Jimmy was therefore part of the trip to Spain and Portugal. Yesterday, he took advantage of his visit to Paris to visit his old friends from Racing. With what joy did he not find Kennedy. In the afternoon he even went to Colombes for the training of the penguins, in the company of Binder, Smistik, Bican et Cie.
In the evening he took the train back to Vienna. Jimmy Hogan is in charge of preparing the Austrian amateur team for the Olympic Games!
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