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May 1933: Sárosi and Sindelar to face the English? An old Ring Café rumor

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-01-18 21:51:29

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In May 1933, news emerged from Vienna's much-acclaimed Ring Café about a possible addition to the F.K. Austria tour, which would be held in late 1933, and the Vienna XI that would face an Arsenal set later that year, also. The addition would be a combination formed by two of the main clubs in Central Europe: Ferencváros and F.K. Austria. The rumor was hot, anxious were the people who heard about it. How to serialize such a team? How would they play? Would they be a match for the English? On that occasion, the combined would face Liverpool and Manchester City, the latter being one of the main English teams.
According to the rumors, Hugo Meisl and Herbert Chapman concluded that they wanted to see Sárosi and Sindelar on the same team. This rumor was later denied. The Ring Café fans, however, put together their selection of what the combination between the two teams would look like:
Viertl Sindelar Molzer
Stroh Takács II.
Gall Sárosi Mock
Nausch Korányi
It is also good to mention that Josef Stroh was not a inside left but a inside right. They inverted Stroh position to dock two great insiders: Stroh himself and József Takács. Moreover, another great point is that Mock could play as wing half-back and Nausch played the 1932/33 season mostly as left defender.
Well, as the story tells, that never happened, but it would have been a splendor to see such a team play. Furthermore, it was always Sindelar & Sárosi's plan to play together, but football denied them and denied all fans of the art.