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01/12/1934: A few comments from Buchan on continental football

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-01-26 20:22:14

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After the England-Italy match, 14/11/1934, Wednesday, the impact of the match did not seem to be waning for quite some time. Apparently, at that time, the comments about the departure only increased, even though his day grew more and more distant. One of those who commented was Charles Buchan, who was without a doubt considered one of the best commentators and writers in England.
In addition to commenting on the match itself, Buchan's statements were directed towards other nationalities and their levels in European football.
Charles Buchan explains that he has received numerous letters since the game, and most of these letters deal with the problem of whether the Anglo-Italian game can be called "real football", and after this "fight", it is necessary for English football to continue to interact with the continent? Charles Buchan, who is now one of the most enablers to use this question, responds to letter writers: 01/12/1934.
— It is a fact that one or two members of the English Football Association's board are strongly opposed to english football being put in the same situation again in the future as it was in the current Italian-English match, when the game left behind a legion of wounded. Fortunately, members of the association council represent only the minority. I spoke to another member of the council who said to me:
— First and foremost, our job is to teach the continent’s footballers the real, sporty ways of playing football.
— I think — Buchan continues — this is the most appropriate, the right thing, the most effective position. We only have to take into account here that, for example, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Austria play top-class football and do not suffer at all from the grossness errors that the Italians suffer from.
— What I think — Buchan concludes — would be really and inevitably necessary is for the International Board, at its next meeting, to find a common way to explain the rules of the game of football in every country and to really get that to all countries. For the sake of world prestige in football, ask them to explain the rules from now on.