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František Kolenatý

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-01-28 22:41:34

Data providers: Isaque Argolo.
František Kolenatý, one of the greats of the 1920s, a member of Železná Sparta's famous half-back line — stará mašina —, and several times played for the Czechoslovakia national team. From the great times of the rise of A.C. Sparta and the flourishing of refined methods of the Czech school, a player of elegant style emerges from Prague soil. For several years he was the best right half-back on the Continent. For Czechoslovakia, he played 28 matches.
Kolenatý had a very thin physical characteristic, a very light player and physically not very strong. He, moreover, possessed a much older appearance than his true age dictated. However, he was an athlete, a born sprinter. With his lightness and quick strides, Kolenatý stood out for his ample stamina and high speed. He was able to perfectly balance his game between an artistic style and a style of high vigour, a determined player who runs until the end of the each occasion.
His technique was not only high, but also had a refinement, a hallmark of the Czech artist. He was an elegant player with a smooth, befitting touch. His game reflects the Czech school in every possible way. His game was mostly short and flat passes, but with some variations of balls farther away. Kolenatý dominated and controlled the ball with mastery, a sober and slender touch at the same time. As much as he didn't receive a precise pass, with just a simple movement he resolved the situation. His dribbling, in line with his high speed, made Kolenatý get out of difficult situations or create an offensive chance, through the spaces created by his runs. He, moreover, had a brilliant cross-shot — very well-directed and powerful.
Among his technical and specific characteristics, more precisely defensive, was his ability and repertoire of tackling. Kolenatý read the play perfectly and guessed what even the most astute opponent was planning. Knowing how to distance himself from the opponent to surround him or even apply a direct intervention. In fact, with his speed and perseverance, his running tackles were notorious. Besides, of course, being a master at the tricks of this aspect. His offensive side.
As much as he stood out as a right half-back, Kolenatý — just like Kertész II. — started his career as a forward, therefore having much more offensive characteristics in his style of play. He was a player capable of setting up offensive plays from the sides or operating from the midfield. Furthermore, he had tremendous game vision in any situation; he always knew which teammate was best positioned.
Perner Káďa Kolenatý
Alongside other great left half-backs — Antonín Perner, Jaroslav Červený, Ferdinand Hajný and Antonín Carvan — Kolenatý and Káďa were part of some of the best half-back lines of all-time, most notably the line that contained Antonín Perner. They were trios that marked the world for their efficiency and technique; in addition to the trio knowing and having a lot of synchronization with each member.
Kolenatý, however, played in other positions, too. As early as 1922, when he tried to leave Sparta to play for S.K. Slavia, Kolenatý intended to play in more offensive positions than the half-back line. He, therefore, as an alternative to replace Václav Pilát, acted several times as centre-forward of the A.C. Sparta team. However, Kolenatý always had a tendency to move more towards the right side of the field, even when playing while being centralized. He played in other positions, too — for example, as a right winger at the end of his stint with A.C. Sparta.
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