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May 1928: A quick conversation with Béla Sebestyén

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Who Gyula Kiss recommended
Unknown | 16/05/1928

You will surely remember Béla Sebestyén, who was right-wing in the old MTK and, with his fair play and absolutely sporty behavior, a favorite of the audience who were already fond of artistic football at that time. Béla Sebestyén, who is now the director of an insurance company, is a candidate for federal captain. Gyula Kiss, the retired federal captain, recommended him as his successor, saying that Sebestyén is a real expert and has the advantage of watching football for thirty years. Sebestyén has been an active player for fifteen years and since 15 years there has been no Sunday when he has not been watching every moment on the football field since the early afternoon. He is a passionate enthusiastic and overly knowledgeable supporter of football and therefore it should come as no surprise that the resigned federal captain recommends him as a continuation of his work.
Béla Sebestyén does not want to talk about imagining his work as a federal captain, as his neighbors have not yet received an official invitation to take up this position. But after the instructive Czech-Hungarian and Austrian-Hungarian national team matches, it did not seem uninteresting to know Béla Sebestyén's opinion on certain football issues.
It was first a matter of comparing the level of football today with that of the past.
Sebestyén: It's quite certain that today's football level is superior to the pre-war years. However, it is also true that the less knowledgeable the players were at that time, the more enthusiastic they were, and so today's football level is actually leveling off. I have to note that at the beginning of the war, football in Hungary was even higher than it is today, and the team that included Schaffer, Schlosser, Szabó among others would definitely defeat any football team today.
We then talked about the Konrád-Turay problem.
Sebestyén: It's ridiculous to put two players against each other. Konrád is one of the most outstanding football artists to ever play. In my opinion, only Gyuri Orth was at the peak of his formable football genius in Hungary. Turay, on the other hand, is a talent, but he still has an immature and incomplete tactical sense. For now, even the two football players can’t be compared, but I don’t think later.
We have now asked Béla Sebestyén, who has been watching every match for thirty years, a very interesting question. We asked him how he would set up the ideal national football team, which would consist of the best Hungarian footballers of all time. In other words, who were the biggest classics, including today's players in each of the footballer positions. After a short hesitation, Sebestyén exhibited this team:
Kohut Orth Braun
Blum Hlavay Bíró
Fogl II. Rumbold