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1940: Plattkó comments on Argentine football

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-02-28 14:29:18

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These are some reports made by former goalkeeper Ferenc Plattkó when he was in Argentina. In these same quotes from Plattkó, he mentions some interesting curiosities about characteristics of Argentine football in general, but with an emphasis on River Plate, of course. Furthermore, Plattkó comments on the situation of Uruguayan football. Some of the paragraphs below were written much earlier than others — for example, Boca-Independiente(1:7) and Argentina-Uruguay(5:0). Comments by Ferenc Plattkó:
Buenos Aires means "good air". Well... I think it's the worst climate in the world. I’ve been to a lot of places before, but I haven’t taken such bad breath anywhere yet. Wet, foggy times are coming around here. Especially in winter. This is when I feel the weather in my swivels thoroughly. I am afraid I will change the name of Buenos Aires to Rheumatism.
* * *
My team's name is CA River Plate. It is also called the "millionaires" team. We won’t win the championship this year either. Why not? The stars are very big "emperors". They don't even want to hear about the system. I’m not saying they have great technique, but they can only play in a small area with this technique. What is a 40 meter accurate pass? They have no idea. I prefer to deal with young people. They are still willing to learn. They could still be real sportsmen. Ok, they can make the millionaires' team great again. The club deserves it. 160.000 spectators can fit into their stadium. I think it's the biggest stadium in the world. This stadium deserves a better team.
* * *
Here is playing Lángara, the former centre-forward of the Spaniards. San Lorenzo is his club. This club bought players for 200.000 pesos and is in last place...
* * *
In a few years, Argentina will also be where Uruguay is now. Uruguay did not care about educating the youth and is now unable to deploy a regular team. Now the Argentines are neglecting the education of the youth.
* * *
In the Argentina-Uruguay match (5:0) the ball was interestingly brought to the pitch. A plane flew over the track, and two pilots jumped out of the plane. With parachute, of course. They both came with a ball. The two of them came to see if one of them would "get lost" on the way. But both landed happily and started the match with the ball of one of them. It was a rematch because the last time Argentina lost 3-0 in Montevideo. It's true that there was a lot of mud in that match and the Argentines can't play in the mud. In this match it was a big fight, I finally saw a match here that they fought in. All I can say is that the level of football here has dropped a lot. Where are the 1924 and 1928 forms?
* * *
There are huge revenue here. After the 14th round. on the "buy table" San Lorenzo leads: 116.872.25 pesos, 2. Boca Juniors 107.971 pesos. 3. Independent: 101.614 pesos. 4. Racing 97.922 pesos. 5. River Plate 83.093 pesos. 18 teams play in the league with a total income of 1.070.565 pesos.
* * *
Boca Juniors lost in the rankings. They were beaten beaten 7:1 by Independiente.