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1927: Becske asks Koželuh his opinion on contemporary football

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-02-28 14:37:24

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In November 1927, the Hungarian journalist Frigyes Becske spoke for a long time with former football player and then professional tennis player Karel Koželuh. In a series of questions aimed at family, tennis, ice hockey and football, the author highlights the question that Becske asked Koželuh about contemporary football. Here's the question: Frigyes Becske | 19/11/1927, Vienna
Koželuh gained great popularity in Vienna with his lovable personality and his performance as a gentleman, so it was a real pleasure to spend a pleasant afternoon with him a few days ago. I hurry to tell the readers about the sports aspects of our conversation:
— What do you think of today's football?
Koželuh: I saw the Sparta-Rapid Cup Final. I'm pretty sorry. Is this football? We at Old Sparta had a whole different perception of the most common sport. I also watched Sabaria. I saw Hungária as an excellent team in Prague against Sparta. They deserved the win, Konrád played phenomenally, I hugged him and congratulated him after the match. In our time, artists were footballers — today they are day laborers, football machines. Where are the old MTK, Sparta, Slavia, Amateure etc? But maybe the leaders will see the flaws and return to the artistic style...