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Smutný, 1947: Some Czech opinions on WM system

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WM system — pros and cons
Svalopluk Smutný | 20/03/1947

The spring league started with some surprising results. Before the matches started, there was a lot of debate about the effectiveness of the WM system, and many reasons were sought for and against. News came to us from England that the British were abandoning the WM system. However, the issue of the WM system has not been resolved well before the start of the season and each club still plays "in its own way". We asked several experts what they think about the WM system.
Václav Valoušek, president of ČSAF: The old Czech school suits our players better. However, we would need enough football-smart players to capture the opponent's weaknesses, as our old football generation did. Today's players don't know how to do it, so they'll need to grasp the system that can best be expected for foreign teams.
František Gürtler, geneneral-secretary of ČSAF: I'm basically neither for nor against WM. I just wish the game was played well and the attackers able to score goals. A good-looking team will form the system itself.
Jiří Pichler, coach: I'm not for slave copying a system. Other systems can be linked to the WM system, but I definitely want to emphasize: The back rows must learn to occupy their opponents. We lost through this mistake, because while our attackers were perfectly guarded, they left our defenders and midfielders with the enemy's crew unoccupied.
František Kolenatý, old player of A.C. Sparta: Only the WM system can counter the play of foreign masters. However: The prerequisite is a persistent, tenacious and mobile midfielders and a penetrating, fearless forwards
Emil Seifert, old S.K. Slavia coach: I only recognize the old, former system, which, if well practiced, is much more useful than any of the new systems.