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Smutný, 1946: The prestige of English football

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It's about the prestige of English football
Svalopluk Smutný | 19/04/1946

It is a godly habit for us to fondly go around a foreign country and sigh, "They have it arranged there, if only it were like that with us!". So we will contribute one topic that really deserves attention. This is an issue that has been bothering the entire sports community lately: the prestige of football, badly torn by recent matches. Because England enjoys general sympathy in the Czechoslovak Republic, perhaps the way it does will be recognized and imitated in our country. Before the war, English football circles considered trips to the mainland "Sunday trips" in which players did not "overwork" too much.
However, the results were not always the best and the prestige of the unrivaled English football declined. The British Football Association has therefore now issued an ordinance in which it warns clubs that visit other countries to try not only to maintain their own prestige, but also the prestige of all English football. For this reason, the association reserved the right to appoint a representative to accompany the trip abroad to accompany the team. The English clubs did not accept the decision with enthusiasm, but the English football community is of a different opinion. They recognize that visitors to English clubs abroad will see at least more valuable football for their money. After the Soviet Union, whose care for perfect representation we had the opportunity to see for ourselves, England proves to us that even a sports power must not gamble on its reputation. It's not the first time we set an example for our clubs (and not just in football). Unfortunately, the tours were still arranged almost like a circus tour, so the value of the sports side can be rightly doubted.