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Jean Eskenazi words on Hugo Meisl's death

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The Napoleon of football is no longer...
Jean Eskenazi | 18/02/1937

Hugo Meisl, who has just died, was the dictator of Austrian football.
It was not by force that Hugo Meisl had seized this title, but by a recognized knowledge of the things of foot ball. It was thanks to his luminous intelligence that Hugo Meisl exerted his influence. Possessing seven languages ‚Äč‚Äčthoroughly, Hugo Meisl had made a universal reputation.
This former bank manager could have had a glorious career in finance, but he preferred to devote his activity to football.
In London, Rome, Paris, Ma drid, Hugo Meisl enjoyed undeniable popularity everywhere.
His apotheosis was the "Wunderteam". Never have we seen a team on the continent show such virtuosity.
It was this team that pushed its swan song by being beaten only narrowly in London during a memorable match against England.
Hugo Meisl will be replaced in Vienna by Professor Schmiegler, but we can be sure that the place occupied by the man who was called the "Napoleon of football" will not be held with the same authority.
A man like Hugo Meisl has successors.
He cannot be replaced.
And a Hugo Meisl, there was only one...