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Os craques que Domingos não esqueceu
Alvaro Paes Leme | 1955

There is no doubt about the greatest Brazilian player of all-time. If we ask anyone who knows national football from its beginnings to the present, the answer will come safely and without hesitation. Domingos da Guia. He really was the great defender, the most outstanding player in Brazilian football. The "Divino Mestre" went down in history as a champion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. In the three main centers of South American soccer, he dictated the chair and earned the most honorable nicknames. "Muralha de Ébano" in Montevideo, when he formed with Nasazzi the most complete defense ever seen in the land of the almost permanent world champions, "Estátua Noturna" in Argentina, when defending Boca Juniors and "Divino Mestre" in Brazil. Living in São Paulo.
Domingos always stated that when he was close to the end he would return to end his career in Bangu. There he began and there he ended. Today he lives in São Paulo. Merchant. He had a bar in Belém. where the Corinthians fans predominate, a club he defended here in São Paulo. He is fat, somewhat ironic, but always calm and a friend of good reading. With a mustache, he doesn't remind much of that slender and cold full-back that amazed the most diverse audiences. He made a lot of money, but although he avoids dealing with the matter, he seems to have no fortune today. He has always been an "open hand" and that's why he doesn't complain. Nasazzi and Norival.
We asked Domingos da Guia which were the best defenders who played alongside him. He smiled and emphasized:
Domingos: A lot of people will be surprised, but the two greatest backs I saw play were Nasazzi and Norival.
— Why did you think that everyone would be surprised by your nomination?
Domingos: Well, because Norival was never very popular. However, he was a formidable defender. He shot well and strong, dribbled, was agile and a good header. However, many people thought him a worthless stylist. In 1945, in Santiago, he played an enormity, the same happening in Buenos Aires in 1946. Pirilo, a separate chapter.
The question about the player that had most impressed him, "Mestre Da Guia" also answered confidently and coldly:
Domingos: Pirilo. Hardly anyone faces such marked ill will as the gaucho and ends up winning despite everything and everyone. When Pirilo went to Flamengo, he had the obligation to replace Leônidas, who was an idol, he was the Homem de Borracha, etc. As much as he did, Pirilo could not get the figure, the memory of Leônidas from the idea of ​​the rubro-negros. However, he faced everything with willingness and courage and ended up becoming an idol as well. He was a complete centre-forward and his game was fine, practical and ingratiating. Without a doubt, he was one of the most perfect centre-forwards in Brazil. Brave and firm; but he was loyal. He always played well and in the end no one doubted his high quality anymore. After becoming a veteran he went to Botafogo and ended up being champion for alvi-negro. Zizinho is complete.
Another former teammate of the two-time championship journey (Domingos, in the tri, is champion for Flamengo) that provokes full praise from Domingos is Zizinho. Of course, everything written here was achieved in a long conversation with Da Guia. He doesn't like to be interviewed, but he likes to talk and, in a friendly "chat", he talks a lot, gives opinions, something he doesn't do when it comes to reporting.
Domingos: Zizinho is without a doubt the most complete of all forwards in recent times. I remember his arrival in Flamengo, coming from Niterói. After a few matches on the midfielder team he went to the main board and never left. In the same year he joined the Rio de Janeiro and then the Brazilian national team. He stood firm and still plays a lot today. Domingos still tells.
Domingos: Finished his first game on the main team, I went to Ziza and said: "Be careful, because, playing as you play, opponents will resort to heavy play to intimidate you. Be careful, but don't be afraid. Return the blows received without hesitation.
Da Guia pauses, smiles and asks:
Domingos: You know what happened? After a few days, I said to him: "Zizinho, you're playing too hard, too hard. As a result, your standard is being harmed." Jurandir, without vacilation.
Another old companion, friend as well, that Domingos points out as the most outstanding of his post is Jurandir.
Domingos: Jura was a great goalkeeper. Really great. He knew how to get out of the goal; he knew how to defend himself. He had a lot of resources. I remember him always saying, "The small area is mine."
— Do you think football has progressed or regressed? — was the last question. Domingos smiled and said:
Domingos: Collectively we are better today. Much better indeed. As for the qualities of the players, the situation is the same. There are some great players as there were in my time, but most are just regulars. At that time there was perhaps more individual quality. We had elements like Fausto, Tim, Carreiro, Vevé, Danilo, Rui, Jaime, Biguá, Valter, Valdemar, Jarbas, Adilson, and many others. I only refer to those who have already stopped playing. Of those that are still active, Ziza and Jair are the most complete representatives of the phase prior to the "marcação cerrada".