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Jimmy Crabtree

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James Crabtree, or popularly known as Jimmy Crabtree, was an English player who played mainly as a full-back and half-back, as much as he stood out in other positions on the field and, while his team needed it in an emergency, he stood out as a goalkeeper, too. Crabtree started playing football for the Burnley F.C., but stood out at the highest level playing for the Aston Villa F.C. For the English national team, his versatility was even more marked at international level, therefore playing a total of 14 matches for England. Jimmy Crabtree was constantly mentioned — and that's decades after he retired — as the greatest all-rounder player of all-time or even the greatest footballer of all-time.
Crabtree was a very well built player. He was a tall, strong, robust player and had a lot of speed. The English star, when he was young, had great acceleration and could keep his speed for some time. His rare turn of speed invariably enabled him to repair any mistake he might make. He was a player of very advanced physical qualities. Crabtree was also a calm player, very quiet on the field and cold, but he had the determination and will to always enter into a dispute for the ball. He was a very reliable player and instilled confidence in his teammates, and absolutely knew no fear. THE NATURAL FOOTBALLER.
Jimmy Crabtree possessed perfect technique, with both feet molded to an advancedly refined quality. Through his subtle touch, Crabtree was perceived as the natural footballer. He had such charm, ability and elegancy that would attract and grace any supporter or rival of the opposing team. Crabtree used to outshine even other great artists by his marvellous variety and resource. His passes were punctual and had the necessary strength which any other footballer of his day did not have. He could combine and send long balls to either side of the field. Behind both inside and outside forwards, for instance, he could make beautiful Scottish combinations. His tackles, clearances and interceptions were sublime, always on point. Although Crabtree did not frequently go up front to try and take a shot, when he did he demonstrated some great accuracy. Jimmy Crabtree
Crabtree was a genius, a player completely adaptable to the tactics and moments of the match, however complicated that moment was. He was calm, relaxed and always on time prepared for any situation. He was always observing, alert on the field whenever there was need to.
Joe Grierson: Jimmy Crabtree was a player and a half. Nothing will ever efface from my mind his wonderful play. He was the greatest player of my time or any time.
Crabtree's versatility was tremendous , not just in a standard tactical organization, but he molded himself according to the game and opponents. Depending on the opponent's qualities and capabilities, Crabtree, without any complications, could become a primarily offensive or defensive player. He was a completely adaptable player, whether on the left, right or center of the field. He, moreover, didn't need time to adapt to a new position, it simply seemed that he already possessed the knowledge, that he had already been a master of the position for years.
As much as his versatility was one of the greatest in football, Crabtree stood out in positions considered more defensive. However, even so, he was exceptionally excellent as a forward. Some preferred him at left half-back; others as a full-back. There are others who would adapt him to the right half-back position just to put Ernest Needham on the left half-back line.