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Eskenazi, 01/12/1933: Two footballs

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Two footballs
Jean Eskenazi | 01/12/1933, London

The British Sportsman can be accused of all the sins of Israel. It is possible that he is dismissive, even arrogant, but we must do him justice, he is above all "fair play".
The Austrian team did not find a more fervent admirer than him, you have to have read the newspapers across the Channel to be convinced. The famous meeting at Hampton Park is still hotly discussed and the general opinion is that one cannot play with more intelligence and diligence than the Austrians did. Cerebral football.
Also, we can now be convinced that there are two footballs: British football, which is above all an automatic, mechanical football, whose foundations are based on physical qualities, and a cerebral and intellectual football, dare I write, that practice the Hungarians and the Austrians who are the best demonstrators.
What is the best method? It is not for us to discuss it. Football is above all a sport, it is normal that it finds its fulfillment in the display of its physical qualities.
The Austrians would be in danger of falling into preciousness, exaggerating their game of feints, at the expense of athletic vigor. But their point of view is justified. The British, on the continent, do nothing because they no longer have their physical means, they believe. When we go to face them, we play more often than they do and we do better. So we are closer to the truth since we can run a lot, without running a lot ourselves.
In any case, Austria emerges triumphant from the meeting in Glasgow. The pupils of the Scots did not content themselves with gaping in admiration in front of their teachers by slavishly imitating them. They have adapted football to their temperament and this is the best example they can give us. The resurrected Wunderteam.
It was also believed that the glory of the wunderteam was only due to an assembly of a few outstanding subjects. The Hampton Park result completely destroys this thesis. He confirms the opinion of Hugo Meisl: — The Wunderteam remains the Wunderteam.
To make it up, there are more than eleven outstanding players in Vienna and if one for a Sindelar or a Sesta retires, they will have successors of their caliber, allowing Austrian football to continue to assert itself as the best on the continent.
The future remains bright for Vienna and the Austrian team was able to walk the streets of London last night with understandable optimism.
Austria are even given as favorites against Arsenal... Times have definitely changed in British football.