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Eskenazi, 31/05/1934: Austrians or Hungarians?

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Afew moments before the match for the quarter-finals of the II. World Championship, Jean Eskenazi reported the latest events about the teams that were about to perform at the Stadio Littorale in Bologna. One of the most mentioned issues was the low performance shown by the Austrians against the French and whether an eventual rehabilitation would be enough against the Hungarians. On the other hand, a doubt arose: Sárosi. Could the young Hungarian, one of the best players in the world, who was still recovering from injury, play and perform well against the Austrians? Fever in Bologna Jean Eskenazi | 31/05/1934
Bologna is today the focal point of Central Europe, of Central Europe only, because since this morning the Bolognese have left their city in large numbers for Florence. Yesterday was a very quiet day. Austrians and Hungarians, who are the worst adversaries in the field, passed it together while taking a walk in the vicinity. This friendship is not surprising, Austrians and Hungarians respect each other; it seems that they need each other and that their duality has been at the root of the development of football in Central Europe. And we must regret in passing that we do not have the same emulation in France as a result of an international program which differs from one year to another.
When will a Latin European Cup be created? Sárosi will play.
Like the Austrians, the Hungarians live in the heart of the city. Doctor Sador kindly informed us of the position of the team, which he keeps secret from his colleagues in Vienna.
Here is the composition of this team: Szabó — Vágó, Sternberg — Palotás, Szűcs, Szalay — Markos, Avar, Sárosi, Toldi, Kemény.
The Sárosi mystery being solved, the famous player of Ferencváros that, because of his Italian ancestry, all the clubs here would have liked to attach him, will operate as centre-forward.
— Is he in good condition? — let's ask ourselves.
— Believe me, if we make him play, it is because we are certain that he will draw the quintessence of his great qualities. Austrian trust.
The favor of the predictions is clearly to the advantage of the Hungarians. It was accentuated when we knew that Sárosi held his place. But the Austrians still have hope.
— Turin was a warning to us, Sindelar told us, and we need rehabilitation.
Hugo Meisl has put together the team that will be Horvath, except for a man, replacing the tired Schall, the one who played against France.
While its leaders attended the nocturnal trotting races last night at the Hippodrome of Bologna, which was a spectacle of lively elegance, the team went to bed early while waiting for the departure for the Stadium.
Some supporters have come from Budapest and Vienna and, in the magnificent Stadio Littorale, dominated by the grandiose equestrian statue of Mussolini, we also meet some football enthusiasts from France, such as Renaud Wattine, president of Racing Club de Roubaix.
The match is open and it looks even very severe. In Sternberg, Sárosi, Avar and Toldy, formidable shooters, the Hungarians have serious assets.
The Austrians firmly believe in the rehabilitation of their team, thanks to the great present form of Sindelar which reassures them.
We are going to live in any case, in a few minutes, a sensational duel on which the fate of the game may depend.
Will Sárosi prevail against Sindelar? Who will win out of these two tenors who are the two most famous footballers in continental Europe?
Sindelar or Sárosi? Austrians or Hungarians? It is no longer time to decide, here are the teams that are entering the field.