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Association Football & The Men Who Made It

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Published on 01/01/1906, "Association Football & The Men Who Made It" is a series of books which tell the early days of the beautiful game. Both authors, Alfred Gibson & William Pickword, were well-known people inside the whole football atmosphere. William Pickford was mainly known for being a football administrator and cronist for the classic "The Athletic News". Alfred Gibson, on the other hand, was recognized as a journalist for "The Mourning Leader" and "The Football Star". In 1905 both started working on the first volume of the series; the book ended up having four volumes.
The book was very well detailed and contains a large amount of information. They splited the volumes in two different columns: CONTENT & LIST OF ILLUSTRATION. Section IV. Giants of the Game
This section of the book contains general details of the most proeminent players of the day. Both authores managed to create a profile for each player telling general details regarding tecnhical, tactical, physical abilities are mencioned for each player. Volume I.
I. Stephen Bloomer
II. John Goodall
III. Ernest Needham
VI. G.O. Smith
XVI. Vivian Woodward