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Fischer's report: Sparta wins 1935 Mitropa Cup

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It was thanks to Braine that Sparta won the Central European Cup
Fischer | 16/09/1935, Prague

Never has a football match aroused such keen interest as the second match in the final of the Central European Cup, between the teams of Sparta and that of Ferencváros from Budapest. More than 60.000 spectators, in fact, crowded into the new Masaryk stadium.
Sparta's victory was absolutely deserved, although one could say that the score of three to zero does not accurately reflect the physiognomy of the game. The Hungarians were, especially in their camp, dangerous opponents and, only in front of their goals, the Czechs were the best.
The greatest individual and best man on the pitch was once again Belgium's Raymond Braine, who led Sparta's attack with great skill. He scored the second and third goals in a way we won't see again anytime soon.
Nejedlý and Kalocsay played quite well while the Czech half-backs were mediocre and only Boucek was up to the game. Full-back Burgr was the best and goalkeeper Klenovec was in great form yesterday.
Among the Hungarians, Sárosi and Toldi disappointed in the attack and Kemény only gave satisfaction. The half-back Móré did a good job, but could not prevent Braine from scoring two goals.
The game was very well directed by the Englishman Fogg and, technically, the game was very good.
After the end of the match, Sparta solemnly received, from the hands of the president of the Mitropa Cup, the Italian Cavaliere Coppola, the cup of 1935.
Sparta had already won the cup for the first time in 1927.
The well-deserved victory for Sparta is another triumph for Czechoslovak football after last year's World Championship.