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Abegglen III., 02/06/1938: My favorite is Italy!

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My favorite is Italy!
André Abegglen | 02/06/1938

Here I am struggling with the round of 16. France will play “at home”. This is a valuable asset in an eliminatory competition. However, I have not yet forgotten the recent triumph obtained, at our expense, in Lausanne, by our friends from Outre-Quiévraln. I also know that they held Italy in check, a whole half, in Milan. France must win.
But France now has a team worthy of this title, while belgium must count above all its best individuals: the Braine, the Voorhof, and the homogeneity of the tricolores must be reasoned for the actions of an opponent less complete, less well armed in defence.
Italy must easily pass this first round.
As for the Brazilians, they will do well to be wary of the Poles. Beating Yugoslavia by 4 goals to 0, that's a benchmark! I think the unknown Brazil will have a hard time eliminating their first antagonist who could also be their last official opponent.
As for the Czechoslovakia-Holland shock, it will oppose two different methods and will not be a match for young girls. If the Centrals can translate their technical advantage into the score, they will manage to qualify.
Against the Dutch Indies, will Hungary have the easy part? Bakhuys could tell us. The Magyars have my preferences. Like the Romanians, in memory of the good performances of the Oradea and no doubt also because Cuba is very far from us.
I come to the nerve center of my exam. If I foresee the success of the Reich, I will be called a defeatist. If I believe in the success of my country, people will say: “How pretentious!". Allow me to abstain. And yet, if the red jerseys with white crosses returned victorious to the locker room, they would only have to make a short trip to Lille to meet Hungary there. The quarter-finals.
With France, you can't swear to anything. Yet the last France-Italy is significant. It is doubtful that Di Lorto will be able to repeat his famous achievement and Pozzo's men, who have bet their entire season on one target: the World Cup, will be favourites. For the Brazil-Czechoslovakia match, the referee will, in my opinion, be very important. Agility versus robustness? Can the artists triumph?
Against Romania, Sweden, thanks to its freshness, will be favorites.
If Germany comes up against Hungary, we will see a real cup game. Still, the skill of a Sárosi, the timeliness of a Toldi, should tip the scales. If it's Switzerland, we'll talk about it again, would you? An Italy-Hungary final?
My task is getting tricky. Incisive, the Transalpins should win, against Brazil, on the edges of the big blue. Because Italy is more effective and must assert a clear offensive superiority. I also prefer Hungary to Sweden for the same reasons.
I have two nations left for the big day: Italy and Hungary. Everything will depend on the physical condition of the two teams. If Piola, who will be tightly marked from start to finish, were injured, the Latins would lose at least 50% of their chances.
If Sárosi was not in possession of all his requirements, my favorites would have been good. In my sense, the best leader will tip the scales. And as Piola is better supported...
One word, however, for the spoilsport: Helvetia. It was in Paris that she achieved the greatest feat of her career. Fourteen years later, she hopes to do as well.