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Alvaro Paes, 1956: Interesting topics with Leônidas

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"I was always Fluminense"
Alvaro Paes Lima | 1956

"Once Flamengo, always Flamengo", this is the traditional slogan of the rubro-negro carioca, without a doubt the most popular club in the country. All the players who were in Flamengo, with very few exceptions, remained faithful to their colors. Leônidas, the symbol.
Few, if any, Brazilian players achieved the popularity achieved by Leônidas. "Diamante Negro", "Homem de Borracha" and other nicknames given to him were quite a demonstration of his popular strength. For many years, Leônidas personified Flamengo personifying Brazilian football itself. Leônidas was very much the symbol of the rubru-negro, his highly classic and showy football, his unusual fiber, his energy and courage put at the service of his colors made him in fact the most expressive of the Flamengo stars. Sports commentator.
Leônidas, after ending his sports activities, as a player for São Paulo F.C., dedicated himself to the construction business and is also a sports commentator for Emissoras Unidas. In this work, he maintains daily contact with football and is even considered one of the most capable sports commentators in São Paulo. "I was always Fluminense".
In a casual conversation, Leônidas made the startling confession:
Leônidas: I was always Fluminense.
To our surprise, a natural surprise in those who have known him for many years, Leônidas reaffirmed:
Leônidas: Yes. It is true. I played for many years in Flamengo, I have great friends there. I admire the club, but in Rio my club has always been Fluminense.
— How can this be explained, Leônidas?
Leônidas: Well, old man, there's no explanation. Since I started to be interested in football, I liked Fluminense and it was always the club of my affections, until I came to São Paulo and met the people of São Paulo F.C. Today I have two clubs in my heart, São Paulo, where I ended my career, where I financially guaranteed my future and where I made a great friend, like Dr. Paulo Machado de Carvalho, and Fluminense, which in fact has always been my club. I played for Flamengo with great satisfaction, but in my heart I always liked the tricolor das Laranjeiras. "I beat Fluminense many times".
Leônidas, still smiling, emphasizes:
Leônidas: See you. Liking Fluminense, I never defended their colors and I often had the opportunity to beat them, as a member of Flamengo's squad. In those interminable and memorable Fla-Flu, how many times I was the author of the winning goal!
— Do you suddenly remember some sensational victories over your club?
Leônidas: Of course. I can name two. One in 1938, when Fluminense was champion and was defeated by Flamengo in Laranjeiras by the count of 5x2 and another time in 1940, in Gávea, when Norival tried a bicycle kick in the tricolor area and the ball was left for me, and I shot it immediately, making it impossible to defend Batatais. Leônidas in Europe.
"Magia Negra", "Diamante Negro", "Homem de Borracha" was in Europe for the last time in 1938 as the greatest centre-forward of the World Championship. Now he should return to the Old World as a sports commentator for a specialized station in São Paulo.