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James Catton, 1926: All-time England XI

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-04-17 13:45:11

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In 1926, when James Catton — Tityrus —, one of the leading and most experienced British journalists, decided to do a recollection of his memories, he selected the best English XI he saw play. When he formed the XI, he himself claimed that there were players out of position; he, however, mentioned that these were the cases, as some were so versatile that they could stand out anywhere on the fiedl. Regarding John Goodall, for instance, he recites that the former centre-forward of Preston North End F.C. was mainly a centre-forward, but he was selected as an inside left due to his aforementioned versatility. The same happens Jimmy Crabtree. Here is the XI:
Spiksley T. Lindley Bassett
J. Goodall Bloomer
Needham Wedlock Crabtree
Burgess Crompton
James Catton's XI.