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Stephen Bloomer - Alfred Gibson & William Pickford

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In his style of play he is also unlike any great forward of our time. He can play inside to either wing, and yet he does not play the orthodox insider's game. He does not, as a rule, consider it his business to "feed" his wing, nor does he think it imperative to play to his centre. Bloomer might do either, or both, or neither, just as it suits him, and yet one never hears his partner complain. Combination play is the essence of successful football and yet the great Derby County forward does not make himself subservient to the "machine". He can combine to anyone when he thinks it necessary and yet he rarely shows his great powers in this regard.
Embroidery and fancy work he leaves to the artists that like that sort of thing. He is possessed with the one grand idea - to get goals, and to get them with the least possible expenditure of time and energy. Strictly speaking he is an opportunist; he is also to a lesser degree an individualist. He rarely depends for his success upon his partner. No man can create an opportunity like Bloomer.
He is one of those players who are seen to greater advantage in big games than in small ones. The greater the occasion the better he plays.
He is second perhaps only to W.N. Cobbold as a dribbler, but second to no man as a shot at goal. Strange to say, no man can make or take a pass better than Bloomer. He knows instinctively where to place the ball and he knows equally well where to receive it. Some of his runs down the wing with Bassett and Athersmith for partner have never been excelled. When within shooting radius he is the most dangerous forward ever seen. Most of his shots are hit fast and low, but occasionally they are oblique from the wing to the corner of the net, or high and lightening-like just under the crossbar. He can use his head finely close in from a corner kick and no one can get out of difficulty with the same ease and certitude.