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The Corinthian, 1931: Best ever team

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-04-22 20:08:58

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In December 1931, the chronicler "The Corinthian" decided to formulate his best team of all-time. Like other XIs made by other experts, this one brings some interesting names for the chosen positions. In addition, he explains some of his chosen options, such as the case of Peter Dowds, for example. Here is the his best team ever:
Morton R. S. McColl J. Simpson
A. James Bloomer
Crabtree C. Roberts Dowds
J. Sharp Crompton
"The Corinthian" best ever team.
When I was instructed to choose the best player of each of the eleven positions on a football field I had ever seen. I had nightmares in which protuding chins and Scottish accents threatened me with such remakrs as "What aboot Bobbie Walker, ye daft idiot?"
I think Steve Bloomer deserves his place because he was a trifle more effective than the wonderfull little bow-legged Scotsman; still, Bloomer had not the subtle trickeries of Walker.
My surprise selection, of course, is Peter Dowds. He might have been described, during his all too-short career, as the mesmeric half-back. Never in a hurry, he coazed forwards to make passes which they never thought would be intercepted, and his judgment in getting the ball and using it was positively uncanny.
Nearly everyone has his pet centre-forward. I choose McColl because he not only impressed me that way, but scores of those who have played against him have the same opinion. Some will say that the excellent G. O. Smith was the best. Those who think that way should get in touch with old professionals who have played against both.