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Ring Café: Mitropa Cup 1933 first matches

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2020-01-23 03:15:25

Data providers: Isaque Argolo.
The first matches of the Mitropa Cup 1933 ended, and the results showed an unexpected advance in Czechoslovakian football. Not only the numerical results but also the quality of the amusement play is a sign of the Czechoslovakians full success. It was a big surprise for the Mitropa Cup first round. The second surprise was the defeat of both Hungarian teams, Hungária FC and Újpest FC, at their home ground. At the beginning of the spring season, international football experts put the level of the Hungarian class above Czechoslovakia, and after the first matches there was hardly any objective critic who would not be forced to revise his opinion thoroughly. However, through the first clashes of the Mitropa Cup, the “bécsi-iskóla”(Vienna school) also suffered a sensitive loss. Neither FK Austria nor FC First Vienna were able to meet the expectations of the circles that preached the hegemony of Austrian football in Europe. In terms of style and tactics, the Czechoslovakians proved to be the best, and in terms of technique, speed and individual performance, the Italians outperformed the rest of the field. The early results gave the supporters a little clue that the semi-finals would have Czechoslovakian and Italians duel, since most of the specialists predicted a big win of AS Ambrosiana-Inter. Unless FK Austria – Which was the main focus of the Austrian Football Federation – could comeback, Austria would lose their both represents. Czechoslovakians dreamed of Slavia–Sparta final. On the other hand, the Italians thought that the title would go from Bologna to Turin or Milan.
The best teams: 1# AC Sparta FC 2# Juventus Torino 3# SK Slavia 4# FK Austria 5# First Vienna FC 6# AS Ambrosiana-Inter 7# Hungária FC 8# Újpest FC.
The best XI:
Titkos Ferrari Braine Svoboda Junek
Gall Čambal Pitto
Caligaris Nausch*
[*] To fit Walter Nausch in the best XI, they moved him to the right side.
Per team: SK Slavia(4), FC Juventus Torino(2), FK Austria(2), AC Sparta(1), AS Ambrosiana-Inter(1), Hungária FC(1).
The best referees: 1# Ferenc Klug 2# Hans Frankenstein 3# Mihály Ivancsics 4# Alouis Beranek.
Second matches predictions: AC Sparta – Hungária FC 3-1, FC Juventus Torino – Újpest FC 4-0, FK Austria – SK Slavia 3-1, AS Ambrosiana-Inter – First Vienna FC 4-2.
The Ring Café messenger also said Meazza was accused by his teammates of "slacking" in the half.They throwed a bunch of swears at the center striker known for his celebrity attitudes. There was a formal battle noise in the Italian locker room, which slackened off when Allemandi, determined to handle the affair, dropped two huge slaps to Meazza.