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La Gazzetta dello Sport, 1937: The best continental players

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-05-07 11:41:37

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The Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, from Milan, has compiled a list of the best players in Continental Europe. Some positions had only four representatives; others end with five. The rankings, of course, ended up generating a lot of discussion in the main debate media. Published in February, the list, however, is interesting to look at. From left to right, here is the list from the 1937 edition:
Goalkeepers: Hiden, Plánička, Jakob, Bizzozzero, Olivieri. Full-backs: Allemandi, Sesta, Monzeglio, Münzenberg, Burgr. Wing half-backs: Nausch, Adamek, Dudás, Lechner, Lázár. Centre half-backs: Dr. Sárosi, Mock, Smistik, Jordan, Goldbrunner. Right wingers: Pasinati, Sas, Horák, Kloz. Right insiders: Meazza, Duhart, Vincze, Stroh. Centre-forwards: Sindelar, Piola, Braine, Bakhuys, Siffling. Left insiders: Ferrari, Szepan, Jerusalem, Nejedlý, Toldi. Left wingers: Colaussi, Vogl I., Fath, Vytlačil, Urban.
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